Wiebke Nimmer

Spiritual Healer, born in 1961

Photo from Wiebke Nimmer at the riverside in CologneNon-religious because Spiritual

While studying German and Romance Philology, I had an intense experience with a Spiritual Healer. He healed me from a skin disease, which Western medicine even could not diagnose. Seeing that I too had been given the gift of being able to heal his way, he prompted me to live this gift by practising it.

I was surprised when I realized, that indeed it worked! I could help people just by laying-on of my hands. Only thing was: I did not want to deal with any kind of religious denomination, and so it has been a bit fishy to me. In addition to me it was more exciting and seemed to make much more sense to become an Author for television. And so I did.

Making Peace with myself

But then I had to suffer several serious diseases like i.e. a bad hepatitis C and a renal colic, from which I came around only in hospital. Thanks to these diseases again and again I made this remarkable experience: what makes me sick always is a psychological inner conflict for which I am ready to solve it now. Creating awareness about this context, I experienced a spontaneous remission from hepatitis and from nephritis.

At the end it took more than 100 screenplays for television, that I had written, and some further serious diseases like a true influenza, until I was ready for: making peace with myself and the gift inside me. This inner gift and my profound wish to understand life itself like it is, grew so strong, that the whole showbiz and glamour world faded out without being missed.

The context of body and soul

Although still I did not want to deal with any kind of religious denomination, I became a master of Reiki. Healing by Laying-on of Hands to me was just a wonderful experience. It is one of those things, which are impossible to be explained, but utmost possible to work, as it is proved again and again in real life. And indeed Reiki is a good thing to start practising and achieve experience in Laying-on of Hands. But I was longing for more. My own experiences with tough diseases had taught to me one impressive truth in depth:

When you want to recover and stay healthy in a real holistic way, you have to discover the very cause of your illness and dissolve it. And this experience I had made again and again: the very cause you never find inside the body. The very cause of any crisis always is a personal, psychological challenge. The disease indicates that now the time has come to master this challenge. And the challenge is to find out about the inner conflict which is blocking you and to master it.

Following the Energy

Meditating Hand of a Buddha with an ornament in the palmAnd therefore I wanted to dig deeper, find out about the very source of working with Energy in context with the psychological causes. I somehow knew, that there was something essential missing to me, which would be very important for my way of healing. Only thing was, that I did not have the slightest idea about what could be this "something essential".

It had just been there, and it has been very strong: my inner longing to find this "something essential". So I decided to follow and to let myself be driven by the Energy, which is flowing through me, while healing by Laying-on of Hands. This taught me clearly, that behind the curtain of this material world, and besides all religious dogma, there is a Spiritual world telling us more truth than our mere intellect will ever be able to understand.

Spiritual Philosophy instead of Religion

The very root of healing by Laying-on of Hands you find in old India. Thus, after a long period of looking for and lucky strokes of fate I have finally found my Spiritual home in Hindu Philosophy. In this philosophy you don't find any religious dogma at all. It is an invitation to make own experiences in order to obtain own realization in the spirit of veracity. The essence of the Hindu Philosophy is written down in Bhagavad Gita, which in its firm relation to reality is so fascinating to me that nowadays I'm learning Hindi. By and by I want to understand these old scriptures in their depth and complexity, which is impossible to be translated.

It is about understanding your own life from your own very subjective view, followed by experiencing your own ego from an objective view. This is what is called "dissolving the ego". By finding your way from subjectivity to objectivity you will find your way to dissolve old traumata or obsessive acting. Coming along with this process, your physical symptoms as well will dissolve. Recovering this way is following a basic principle of life itself. For me this process is utmost essential for my healing by Laying-on of Hands. It is: living the knowledge of the context of body and soul.

God does not have a Religion

Everybody has his own, individual relation to God, own considerations about who or what God might be. And this way it is perfectly okay. Spiritual or Divine Energy is experienced in that number of ways as there are living beings. Spiritual Healing through Laying-on of Hands is one way to experience this Energy on your own in veracity. And when in addition I can help you to find out about the very source of your trouble and help you to dissolve it, I will be glad.

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