The treatment

The Energy-Stimulus for your Self-healing Powers

Head receiving Energy through laying-on of handsDuring the treatment you lie on a massage bench, wearing all your normal clothes. You close your eyes and do nothing at all. I lay-on my hands all over your body, especially there where it is most required. Doing so, my hands perceive blockades in order to lift them. Sometimes some massaging movement may happen. The bottom line is what you feel: pure Energy that is poured into you through my hands.

To comprehend how this works is impossible for the rational mind. It is a sense experience, which you already feel during the first treatment. Deeply relaxed you obtain your inner peace of mind. Pain and other symptoms get alleviated or may be solved. You get into the sense of well-being. Your mind clears up, and you re-obtain the mood of how it feels when everything is fine.

Pure Laying-on of hands - without Chemicals, with pure Energy

In some cases one single treatment is enough, most of the times several ones are required. The goal always is a healthy way up to a better life-quality and a perceptible amelioration of your health. I am no doctor. So I work without any medical aids and appliances. I work exclusively with my hands and by clarifying conversations. Without chemicals, without risks, without side-effects.

This way you get what you need most in any kind of physical or mental crisis: pure, clean and fresh Energy. Energy, that helps you to clarify your mind, Energy, that boosts your self-healing process and Energy, that really pushes you forward.