Spiritual Healing

Everything is Energy

shortly before the Laying on of handsEvery living being gets created, preserved and perished through the impact and transformation of energy. This is an eternal, spiritual concept of life, discovered thousands of years ago, being valid until today without a change, and which will not change in the future as well. Thus Spiritual healing is a way of healing through an impact of energy, supplied where it is required by you.

Perturbations of your body-own energy circulation are the causes of illnesses. As long as your life energy flows harmoniously, you are healthy. When this harmonious flow is disturbed by blockades, you fall ill. In case of slight diseases like a cold, your body's own self-healing powers and some rest are enough to recover.

Emerge from Illness and Crisis stronger than before

In case of bad or chronic illnesses you need additional support in most of the cases. In Spiritual healing this support comes along in the shape of energy flowing into your body through my hands. This energy helps to dissolve blockades and to re-obtain the harmonious flow of your energy circulation. This is a powerful stimulus for your self-healing power to re-obtain health. It's a pure Energy Stimulus!

It is well-known, that every crisis is a chance and a challenge. Hence the sense of a crisis is fulfilled, once you recognize the included chance and use it. Like this it invigorates you and brings you forward. This principle is available for mental crisis as well as for physical illness. In the physical view an illness challenges your bodily immune-System as well. When you take this challenge by invigorating your self-healing powers, you have the best chances to emerge from your illness being even stronger than before.

Living Spirituality is down-to-earth and pragmatic

white elefant in front of blue skyRecognize yourself, understand your own life - this is what Spirituality is there for. Recognizing and understanding yourself is a big task. It's tenor is to get your feet on the ground of your reality. Spirituality helps you to find out about your allocated place in life. It helps you to recognize the chance in your challenge, to recognize the challenge being an aid to find out about who you are. A crisis is a reminder that you have to make your choice between two possibilities: you find your allocated space in the environment you are living in, or: you look out for an environment, which rally fits to you and your personal needs.

In practice you have to make your choice: you change the circumstances out of which your crisis has emerged, or: you change your mind-set concerning these circumstances. None of these two possibilities is better or worse. You only have to find out about what is best for you personally. And what finally guides you to find peace and happiness within yourself. The road to this goal is accompanied by pragmatic decisions and reality check-ups. And Spirituality will prompt you to do so.