Just logic

More and more people get in touch with the experience called burn-out. It's a logical reaction to the increasing speed in which life is happening nowadays. Being relaxed and happy merely is considered to be a nice to have instead of being essential. Things have to be done in a hurry in order to achieve a maximum X throughout a minimum of time and other resources.

In case you are living in the middle of this hustle and bustle it's just logic when after a while you feel tired, empty and somehow at the end of nothing. What you need to get out of that fast fast something is: to slow down. Get in touch with your true personal needs and emotions. Get in touch with your natural inner rhythm.

SlowDown to regain your power

When you choose me to be your SlowDown Consultant, I will help you to regain your natural inner rhythm and to recreate awareness about what really is essential for your very individual being. Together we will find pragmatic solutions to ameliorate your daily life in order to find inner peace and slowness as an inner state of being, no matter what's happening around you.

In addition to this mental Consulting you will enjoy my laying-on of hands. This is a powerful aid to come down, find inner peace and calmness, which you need. Inner calmness is your never ending source of fresh energy and fresh power. How to obtain this is what you will learn with me, during your SlowDown Consulting-Sessions. Enjoy it and you will be looking forward to your actual and future life and challenges.

More about my SlowDown Consulting you read here (only in German).