The Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked Questions. You find them answered here:

Question: Is any particular belief required to enjoy the benefits of the laying-on of hands?
Answer: No. Whatever you may believe or not is your private affair. You only have to be ready to get into the special way of Energetic healing, and to just feel how it works.

Question: Can you give me a guarantee that your treatment will cure me completely?
Answer: No.

Question: When I am at the end of my strength and just want to charge up fresh energy, would it make sense to enjoy your laying-on of hands?
Answer: Yes. It even is intelligent to engage yourself at times in order to prevent you and your body from getting ill.

Question: How many treatments are required to regain health and a good mood?
Answer: This question is impossible to be answered seriously, as it depends on too many individual aspects. Every human being is different. And so every single healing and regeneration process is different.

Question: In case I want to get out of a personal crisis or to obtain a positive charisma, is it required to talk to you about my life?
Answer: Yes, you should do so if you like. Together we can find out about the cause of what is going wrong in your life and thus find your individual solution how to deal with it or how to change your life. Due to the Energy you get through the laying-on of hands you will have the power to fill this solution with life, and so take your own life into your own hands.

Question: Is it possible to combine your laying-on of hands with conventional Western medicine?
Answer: Yes. Only you can decide what to do about it, as it is about your own health. You have to be convinced of doing the best for yourself. And it can be very useful to combine both methods. After an accident for example, the Laying-on of Hands will quicken and support the healing process of wounds. All the rest in this case a surgeon can do much better than I can.

Question: What is your spiritual background?
Answer: My spiritual background is the Hindu philosophy. This is a liveable philosophy going for the goal to understand life itself as well as your own personal life. The belief in an idea in this philosophy is only the starting point for a personal experience, throughout which you may obtain real knowledge. Due to a wide variety of personal experiences there is a wide variety of understanding philosophical scriptures. And this is how it is dedicated to be.

Shubh Labh in Sanskrit Letters