Psychological Symptoms

Support in Cases of Depressions, Burn-out, Personal Crisis, etc.

woman with burn-out syndrom at her deskDue to the way the laying-on of hands works, it supports the healing-process for a wide variety of psychological symptoms such as:

  • Depressive moods
  • Personal Crisis
  • Burn-out syndrom
  • Trauma
  • Listlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Separation Pain
  • Grief
  • sleep apnoea

Name the Cause - Create Solution

The cause of psychological symptoms is always psychological. The Energy you receive through the Laying-on of Hands helps you to face your personal causes. The clarifying conversations help you to find clearness to clearly name the cause of your current crisis. Together we locate it in the context of the threat of cause and effect of your entire previous life, which took you to where you are right now.

This way together we develop your personal way out of your current suffering, following the logic of your personal thread of cause and effect and going further in order to discover new mental horizons and harbours. We take care that you can really full heartedly implement the personally found solutions into your daily life in a practical and pragmatic way. And due to the fresh Energy you receive through the Laying-on of Hands you will have the power you need to accomplish.

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