Pranayama workshop

Breathing for Clarity and inner Balance

meditating woman on the beachWhatever your feelings are they are always reflected in your breath. Once an inner tension starts melting away, first thing you do is: taking a deep breath. In case you are short of breath, it is impossible to pretend being calm and relaxed. Our breath expresses what we feel in clarity.

Pranayama uses this clarity. Particular breathing exercises carry you into the Energy of clarity in order to balance all levels of your being. Through deep and conscious breathing your body and spirit merge into an inner silence and conscious awareness. You start creating awareness about aspects of your life which you have not seen before. This awareness will inspire you to bring more clarity into your thinking and acting in daily life. And this will guide you to a vital inner balance.

The Workshop of Pranayama

In this workshop you will learn Pranayama in the way Indians, who practice it daily, have taught it to me, and like I too practice it daily. Once you do it every single day, it will unfold its full impact on you. It is what you can actively do in order to achieve sustainable health. And it helps you to manage stress and bodily pain.

You will learn how to do it. And you will get into the Energy for your ongoing practice of Pranayama in your daily life. Practicing it on your own will enhance your awareness for the responsibility you have for your own well-being. Starting your day with Pranayama is like a promise you are giving yourself in order to keep it on your own. It is your promise to clarity, awareness and inner balance.

Book your own Pranayama workshop:

5 x 90 minutes during five consecutive days

  • for individual persons
  • for individual groups
  • for companies wanting to enhance the potential of their staff

meditating man on the beachThe workshop takes place at any place of your choice. For example in your own company.

Brief background information about Pranayama:

Pranayama is rooted in the Upanishads. They are parts of the written down Hindu Philosophy of India. The Upanishads are a lot older than our Western calculation of time. Therefore Pranayama is seen as the oldest way of Breath Therapy, which is practiced in India to this day. Today it has spread all over the world.

The word "Pranayama" is rooted in Sanskrit. The meaning of "Prana" is: breath, life, vigor, spirit. The meaning of "Yama" is: way, progress, going, chariot.