Personality Consulting

Personality emerges from being real and relaxed

photo from Wiebke NimmerCompetent charisma comes out of sovereignty and not out of gestures and speech balloons. Only the one, who really is competent, is able to live life really relaxed. The one who is always busy in building up a glow of appearance, wastes his energy on this and the same time feeds his own doubts and fears that others might find out about his true face and dislike it. At the end this building up a glow of appearance bears permanent stress, that in worst case sooner or later causes a heart attack.

Veracity is the solid base for constant and relaxed self-assuredness. Only question is: from where take the power to live your own inner veracity, when you are afraid of not being good enough to be and to present the one you really are? The answer is: start loving yourself like you are and taking you seriously on your own while staying deeply relaxed. It is because you only can prompt others to have trust in you and to take you seriously, once you do this on your own. This is the only way to obtain a true competent charisma.

Personality Consulting - supporting your full Individuality

Learning this is a process, during which I will support you in full individuality. Without pre-cast patterns, programs or common techniques. You will find out about the best of your true personality and you will learn to love your very own self.

We combine clarifying conversations with the Energy stimulations, which you will enjoy through my Laying-on of Hands, so that you have the best chance and the power to do the best out of your true being, and to enjoy it being relaxed and competent.