Find deep Peace inside yourself

meditation in golden lightMeditation is practised in order to achieve inner calmness and peace with yourself and the world surrounding you. Being one. Getting in touch with your own, inner God, who dwells inside your heart. This is possible only when you are completely alone. Neither any special technique nor special music is required. Both would only disturb you. As well you do not need a special guidance. All you really need simply is: nothing. In case you want to meditate, just do it. On your own. That's all.

Your individual point of deepest calmness you can imagine as a place, which is possible to be discovered exclusively by you and nobody else. Therefore nobody can guide you to that place. Just let yourself be attracted by your place of deepest calmness. Just the wish to find it and your trust in its existence is sufficient. This point of deepest calmness is placed inside every one. It is only waiting to be discovered.

The uninvolved Observer

Sit down on a modest place with crossed legs. Relax your body, close your eyes and, with ease, let happen, whatever may happen. Do not try to copy experiences of others you might have heard about. This will only carry you away from your individual inner God. In case of thoughts coming up, watch them like an uninvolved observer, who watches thoughts appear and disappear. Just do it until sooner or later no more thoughts come up.

It is the best to practice meditation regularly. For example you enjoy it every morning for 15-30 minutes before starting your daily program. Or you do it every Sunday afternoon. Create your own rhythm of meditation, that really fits to you and your life circumstances, and which really is possible for you to maintain. It works best, when you consider meditation to be a regular date with yourself, which you take as serious as a date with your best friend or with your boss.

What keeps you away from enjoying it?

In case you do practice meditation periodically and although don't find your place of deepest calmness, feel free to call me and make an appointment with me. I will help you to find out what is keeping you away from finding peace, so that together we can find out what needs to be done.