Life Consulting

Making Peace with yourself

footprints in golden light on the beachIn case you feel discontent, distressed and sad, you don't have to wait until a disease knocks you out. You can take your own life into your own hands and change it in order to discover new horizons whenever you feel, that this is what you need to find happiness again.

It is the pure logic of cause and effect which turns us into being the one that we are, and that we experience what we do experience. So, once you feel, that you better change your life, first thing you have to do is: find out about the follow up of cause and effect, which has carried you to the point, where you are right now. This is the best way to find out about the real cause of your distress and to find out about what you really have to change in which way, so that the effect of your change can be true and sustainable contentment.

When if not now?

There is not better moment to start your personal change than: right now. What should be the use of waiting? My Life Consulting supports you in these issues:

  • discover your true individuality
  • create awareness about the follow up of cause and effect extinguishing your life
  • strengthen your personality
  • making peace with your true emotions
  • grow from the one you have learned to be into the one you really are

Just be

There is no standardised way or method to find true contentment and no philosopher's stone will overwhelm you with sustainable happiness. Like anybody else you too are having your individual own history, due to which you are the one that you are. Your conditioning hast turned you into the one you have learned to be. Your current challenge is to recognise which experience has taught you how to react and behave in which way. And which of these thus learned reactions and behaviour do you want to change in which way.

My Life Consulting supports you in knowing the one you have learned to be from the one you really are. What can you do to make peace with your true being, including every aspect that really extinguishes you? What is to be accepted in order to find sustainable contentment? I will support you to find these answers, thus grow up to the one you really are and find profound happiness by that. Told in short terms: stop wondering about who you should be. Just be.

The experience of oneness

nice way in green grassFinding deep peace inside yourself is the best way to find profound satisfaction. When you know, who you really are, when you accept, love and appreciate the one you really are. When your inner peace is as firm as a rock. When you feel to be one with the world. When you experience oneness.

As part of this oneness as well is the oneness of the rational and the irrational parts of your being, also my Life Consulting is a combination of clarifying conversation and the Energy you receive through my Laying-on of Hands. This helps you to feel yourself, to dissolve mental blockades and to discover new ways of thinking and perceiving your personal reality. And you receive the Energy you need to discover and conquer your own new horizons.

Read more about the oneness of rational and irrational mind in "irrational" "The Balance of Opposites".

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