The Balance of Opposites

Buddha is meditatingWe are living in a western society, which decidedly believes only in things which are measurable or appraisable by rational mind. But this believe cannot change that quiet a different principle gives distinction to the entire life on earth: duality. And whatever exists on earth - due to duality it only exists through its opposite.

Without darkness there is no light, without love no hate, without north no south, without subjective no objective, and: without irrationality no rationality. Like the smallest magnet also the entire world can only exist in the balance of one part and its complete opposite. And creating awareness only works out of being part of duality. Following this, we all should be smart enough to take everything as important as its opposite.

The Main Principle of Duality

The main principle of duality pervades every level of our entire existence. It happens through the interaction of energetic pulses of plus and minus, that every sensory stimulus can flow in nerve tracts from our smallest toe up to our brain. And every disease is an interaction of material and non-material, of bodily and non-bodily parts of our being. Our identity is the result of the interaction of subjective experiencing and objective modifying, of rational thinking and irrational perceiving.

Following this main principle of duality, my way of holistic healing works in interaction of rationality and irrationality. The rational part is the clearing conversation: What is your actual situation? What makes you feel bad? What happened? What sickens you? Which inner change is required to make you feel better? How can you implement these required changes into your every day life?

The Balance of Perceiving and Realizing

balance of a ball happening on its ownThis clearing conversation helps you to realize why you are where you are right now. Taking an objective look onto your own life consisting in all the experiences extinguishing you personality helps you to find a distant view onto it and to find new perspectives. This way you build the required base which enables you to find a mental way to peace with your own life like it is.

When you want to perceive this peace deep inside yourself in full veracity, the irrational part of your being requires as much and as qualified attention as the rational part of your being. Happens again and again that the subjective perceiving does not seem to fit to the objective realizing. Although both is true, even if it is contradictory. Emotions never lie. Once you feel them, they are true. The Energy you receive during the Laying-on of Hands helps you to accept your emotions like they are. They are an utmost important part of your personality.

The concrete Healing Experience

There is a new inner harbour in new perspectives emerging out of the interaction of accepting your irrational emotions and rational realizing. And due to the Energy you get, you will have the power to really implement your inner changes into a changed life. It helps you to accept and love yourself just the way you are including all contradictions. And thus you will really find deep inner peace.

Healing happens when there is a true balance between the true emotions you feel and the objective realizing you know. Sounds pretty abstract. Once all this turns into a life experience, you will really understand what it is about. And this too turns out to be a balance of opposites.

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