Illness is ...

... a cry for a Change.

Sculpture of elefant shouting outThe worse the illness the louder is the cry. The important aspect of this required change on first sight is naturally the healing from illness. And this is the more sustainable, the clearer you realize the literal cry: the cry for a change of your individual circumstances of life.

Illness is a call, an appeal to one's own self. Illness tells us to address the challenges of our life. Illness is an indication to work on our own development. Accept our destiny and take it in our own hands. This does not deal in any way about guilt or innocence. Personal fate is personal fate is personal challenge. And a crisis, be it physical or psychological, is a clear guidepost of upcoming changes.

Developing Process: change your Circumstances or your Mind-set

There is a basic principle: If you are unhappy with your life situation, you have exactly two possibilities: either you change your life situation or you change your mind-set to it. Anything else will only keep you in a state of endless quarrelling and will continue to make you unhappy and ill.

Understanding this is quiet easy. To implement it, you require courage, accurately creating awareness of your individual situation and your personal possibilities. Then it is up to you to bear the right consequences, so that you can start discovering new paths of your life with a fresh, newly found vitality. Making this is making a big effort in your personal development. For all this you will get my support through advice and Energy.