Get your kick for body, mind and spirit

Energetic Healing by LayingOn of Hands - an experience of Inner Integrity
by Wiebke Nimmer

Photo of Wiebke NimmerI guess, you have already felt this on your own: the natural link between your personal health and inner peace, which is your Inner Integrity. The longer a conflict is bothering you deep inside, the weaker becomes your health. The good news emerging from this experience is, that this process works as well the other way around: the better we find back to inner peace, the better increases our health.

For your personal healing process, we are following exactly the logic of Inner Integrity, which is a natural part of our existence. As our entire being is constantly drained by Inner Integrity, we just need a glimpse to see, when there is something wrong with the one in front of us, and we merely need three seconds to realize, that we have freshly fallen in love.

Same Energy on each Level

The Energy, which is driving you, drives you on each level of your being. And so, the Energy Stimulus you enjoy through my Healing by LayingOn of Hands works like a kick onto each level of your being. Blockings dissolve, your entire life Energy returns to a free, harmonic flow of easiness. And this makes you feel cozy and free on each level of your entire being and so it works as well like a literal mind opener. This is why I am combining the Energetic Healing by LayingOn of Hands with life consulting.

For more and more artists of all kinds, my LayingOn of Hands has turned out to be a literal kick for their creative flow. That's why now I am as well offering special consulting for authors and other artists. And whether you are an artist or not - whenever you want to ameliorate your own being on your own, following your individual Inner Integrity, I will show you to do this by breathing exercises of Pranayama of ancient India. Since thousands of years Pranayama works like an Energy Stimulus for body and mind.

Pure Energy

As I am no doctor of academic medicine, you will neither get medicine nor any other means from me. I am exclusively working with my hands in combination with clearing talks. This way the only thing you get by me is pure and fresh Energy in a pure and fresh flow.

So - whatever may concern you - I am looking forward to help you with an Energy Stimulus in the Spirit of Inner Integrity in order to increase your health and freedom of mind.

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