Friend or Foe?

Illness is a Mentor

grey-haired man smiling to his back-acheAccording to the western view of science, an illness is a disturbance in a system which befalls a pure material body out of the blue. Accordingly, western science defines illnesses as an enemy, which needs to be fought against no matter what. Even at the cost of damage caused by side effects. A scientist often says that "a medicine, that does not have any side effects, may not have any effect either."

Energy healing in the tradition of Far East wisdom considers a human to be a holistic being of several levels of existence. Hence every healing process follows a holistic treatment. An illness is a message of your soul to your consciousness. The body is the means of expression of your soul. The message tells you about an upcoming change, a maturity transformation, which is enrichment for your personal life. When you realize this, you realize that an illness is in fact a good friend of yours, who helps you to achieve clearness about you and your upcoming change in life, as long as you follow your friend's advice.

Fighting or obtaining a new Angle of Vision

This way the laying-on of hands is an Energy Stimulus for your upcoming maturity transformation as well. What is going on in your unconscious mind is supported on its way up to your conscious mind. Your individual energy flow gets harmonized. This is a sustainable stimulus for your self-healing powers. Without machines, without medicine, without side effects. If you wish, you can use the healing talk for learning how to understand the advice of your good friend called illness, and how to transform his advice into action.

Kampf oder Akzeptieren?In earlier times nearly every mother knew about the maturity transformation her kids achieved by going through children's diseases. Nowadays, due to vaccinations, children's diseases are suppressed such that one does not experience any more the maturity transformations in children caused by going through the diseases. Or think about those people who have hardly been cured from an illness, promptly fall in another. Some people consider this to be fate or bad luck. Others consider this to be a hint, that the first illness had been cured only bodily, and hence the soul did not have any choice other than sending a message once more to make itself noticed.

The one who considers an illness to be an enemy has a lot of fighting to do. The one who realizes an illness to be a good friend, achieves a different view on life.