Energetic Healing

Oneness - an experience of its own

shortly before the Laying on of handsWhen you are freshly fallen in love, you can take a walk in cold snow, go barefooted and without cap on your wet hair, and you will although stay healthy. But once an inner conflict is fighting inside yourself, listening to one single far away sneezing is enough to sicken you. It is obvious: once we fall ill, this is the way our body tells us about an inner conflict, struggling deep inside of us. And now the time has come to create awareness about and to solve it.

The same way our inner conflicts are blocking our acting and our joy of life, they are as well blocking the flow of Energy inside our body. The longer we ignore this blocking, the more commanding the blocking becomes manifest in more and more aspects of our entire life, and the worse becomes the disease, which tells us about. Sooner or later it just knocks you out in order to make you discover the cause of your illness and finally solve your inner conflict.

The beneficial experience of Oneness

The way I practice Energetic Healing by Laying-on of Hands in combination with clarifying conversations makes you experience the Oneness of Body, Mind and Soul. The blockings, which dissolve through the Energy you receive, dissolve on every layer of your Being. Thus your entire life benefits from this special way of healing. And feeling your Oneness is an experience of its own.

Solving your inner conflict supports your body's recovery, and your body's recovery supports your mind and mood to feel the inner strength to solve your conflict. This way you are starting your personal upward spiral. And this upward spiral will lead you to new harbours of your being, which up to now may be unknown to you.

Our entire irrational rational being

white elefant in front of blue skyOur emotions are having the strongest impact on our being and acting, much stronger than any rational attempt. Emotions are what we are always going for. Emotions don't care about our arguing. This is what we experience every time we feel bothered by ourselves once our live acting does not at all follow the rational plans we had made before and which had been so pleasant to our mind.

Therefore the rational creating awareness about your inner conflict is only 50% of your healing process. This is what happens during our clarifying conversations. The complementary 50% of your healing process is what you really feel when you go through the irrational emotions of your conflict, supported by the Laying-on of Hands. The blockings consist of these irrational emotions. And you can only dissolve them by going through.

In the spirit of self-acceptance

It happens pretty often that our deepest irrational Emotions, seem to be fully contradictory to what we are thinking by rational mind. And both is true: what we are feeling and what we are thinking. We just have to accept this contradiction and live with it, because there is only one way to be an entire human being: accepting the interaction between our irrational Emotions and our rational thoughts, may they be contradictory or not.

It is this contradiction which makes us be so unique and lovable as entire human beings. And the better we create awareness about this, the better we are able to accept and love ourselves exactly the way we are. This accepting enables what we need most for our health: it enables our live-energies to flow in harmony, which keeps us healthy. And the Energy you enjoy during my Laying-on of Hands flows in the Spirit of accepting our contradictory poles as equal parts of our individual oneness.

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