The Main Difference

Going upright in a relaxed way

upright standing woman at the beachWe human beings are much more than just an amount of atoms. We are an entity of body, soul, spirit and all characteristics that extinguish our personality. And whatever extinguishes our personality is represented in our body, so that we need only three seconds to know, whether the stranger coming along is someone we like or dislike.

Whatever we experience, our body is the projection screen of it. Therefore we like to strive for a relaxed and upright going body. Neither soul nor organs can develop in a healthy way in the body of someone who is deeply afflicted by sorrow. And for someone who is rowed again and again, at least one thing is for sure: the upcoming illness.

All your Energy for health and development

During the treatment of my Laying-on of Hands you experience the oneness of your body, soul and spirit, of material and non-material. The illness itself is the symptom telling you about an inner conflict which is blocking your personal development. So the illness cares for you by prompting you to create awareness about this inner conflict in order to solve it now.

The Energy you receive through the Laying-on of Hands dissolves the blocking on your physical level. From your body this dissolving Energy is transferred into all other levels of your life. And on your intellectual level the additional clarifying conversations help you to solve your inner conflict profoundly and sustainable. This way all Energy goes for what you are utmost longing for: recover and be healthy again. And the more sustainable you recover the clearer you run to unfold your individual personality, the more relaxed you find your way going upright.

Illness for self-awareness

Using your illness this way, you know yourself the way you really are, instead of the way you think you should be. You accept your disease as a great chance to experience and strengthen your individual personality. You learn to appreciate and to love yourself. You discover a new way of life that fits better to yourself.

This way illness and healing process turn out to be a good friend, leading you to the highest spiritual ambition: create awareness about yourself, identify yourself. For many people this identifying has lead to new mental harbours and horizons.

Reduction to the mere material

suitcase above the cityCompared to this there is the western academic medicine, which postulates the cause of every disease in the material, physical part of our body. Therefore the whole focus and the entire energy runs for the material, physical symptoms, and ignores all our other levels of being.

In the spirit of this reduction to the mere material the discovery and unfolding of your individual personality is completely out of interest. Academic medicine is running for the one medicine, which is easily produced in masses in big factories, in order to always give the same medicine to treat same symptoms. Even big differences being as important as man or woman, old or young, thick or thin are ignored. The only focus is to deal with quick and easy standard tools which just fight down the symptoms of the disease, in the most possible unreflecting way. In this way of thinking and acting, diseases are perceived as mere sources of irritation, which have to be fought down always the same way, preferential by pure chemical means.

The spirit of egalitarianism

Day by day we experience the results of this reduction to the mere material which ends up in egalitarianism. Wherever we go, we see the same advertisements in shopping areas looking same everywhere. Whenever all energy is exclusively focussed to the mere material, the revealing of individual state of being, of moral and ethics degenerate into a mere nice to have. And this turns out to be pretty unhealthy:

In Germany we are having the most expensive health system of the world. But what increases is not the quality of health or personal satisfaction. What tremendously increases is: the costs, the number of people being edicted to medicine, being chronically ill, suffering mental diseases such as depressions. Caused by the increasing abuse of antibiotics as well in intensive mass animal farming as by humans the number of resistances increases dramatically. More and more utmost aggressive and dangerous causative organisms arise from hospitals, by which more and more people die after infecting right at that special spot, where they were hoping to be cured.

As long as diseases are just fought down by chemicals again and again and again, the true causative inner conflicts just don't have no choice but making us create awareness by pushing us down again and again with new and more dangerous diseases.

The spirit of free decisions

woman in front of a basket full of applesAlthough knowing all this, I too am happy to have a dentist giving me pain-killers if required. There are cases in which the best we can do is to combine traditional healing with academic medicine. Before dying for pain, I am happy about good pain-killers. But I do know, that these pain-killers are not the healing means. They carry me through the worst pain of the crisis and thus enable me to find true healing afterwards which goes much further than just killing the pain.

Every one of us has to decide individually about the kind of healing we prefer out of which motivation. At the end of the day the utmost important thing is to really be cured and find sustainable health. Does your way of healing really heal or is it just fighting down symptoms again and again? Is your individual identification fostered? Are you fostered in going upright and relaxed? Or are you merely reduced to material, or to symptoms?

You are the one to decide about the spirit of your healing process. And I hope that by now, you found a bit more clearness about the issues of your decision.

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