Author Consulting

Overcome your Write Lockout through Personal Development

papers in a waste boxWrite lockout. Or a subject you are writing about literally seems to inherit itself against you. Nearly every author has experienced this notorious crisis and what it means to go through it. Everything seems to be blocked and nothing seems to fit to anything. During my active time as an author of screenplays for television, I used to go through this phenomenon from time to time and learned how to get out again.

This writing lockout is part of a maturity process. When you do not get further with your subject, the cause of it, in most of the cases, is a deep, unconscious interdependence between you and the subject you are working on. And this really is good. Because it means that you have two chances in one:

You have the chance to dissolve your own inner conflict, which came up to the surface throughout the writing process. And you have the best chance to write a real good and touching story. A story which is carried by your own true emotions, and which persuades your audience by knowledge you achieved by making your own experiences.

You have to feel touched on your own in order to be able to make others feel touched

The plot of a good story develops itself out of the coherence of the characters you create. To create your characters in a way that they have best abilities to carry your subject as best as possible, while finding out about your own point of identification - it is my job to support you in this process as your author consultant. And thus your inner conflict has a good chance to be solved at the same time.

This way you let yourself be touched by the subject you are working on. And you find a possibility to solve the conflict, which is dwelling inside the subject. This is the best basis to write a story, which will to touch others.

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