Artist consulting

The Art of your own being touched

hand being touchedSingers, painters, storytellers, dancers, musicians, photographers - you artists of all arts are busily working in order to find your personal way to express yourself and establishing your individual foot-prints in this world. You create your own universe by using your own life experience and your own emotions. Like inspiration and crafts know-how, another mean is part of your creating process: a blocking, appearing from time to time, making you feel like being unable to go on creating.

This blocking asks you to dive deep into yourself, down to the bottom of your being, of your primeval emotion, of a primeval conflict, which is fighting inside yourself, asking to be solved right now. Overcoming this fighting and blocking, again and again turns out to be a substantial stimulus for your personal development as an artist. What you feel with every fiber of your being is: your Inner Integrity, wanting to flow into an outer shape which now is about to be found by you.

A crisis is a base of success

Your personal development and your career as an artist are firmly linked to each other. And exactly this is the secret of success: that you let yourself be touched by what you experience in life, that you create awareness about, that you let it flow into a shape of your art. This way, once you let yourself be touched by your own experience, you enable yourself to touch others with your art. And whoever feels being touched by your art will be enthusiastic about it.

My job in this process is to support you while going through your own being touched. I will help you to create awareness about and find your individual solution for your conflict in art and life. You will enjoy supporting Energy by my LayingOn of Hands and clearing talks. Through deep relaxation I will help you to dive deep into the issue wanting to be expressed by you. At the end, you will return into your primeval flow of easiness and let your art happen in your own way. This way others might be touched and enthusiastic about the issue, by which you have been touched before.

Authors and Inner Integrity

For several years, I have been successfully writing scripts and stories for television. Therefore, I am offering consulting especially for authors, because it is the truthful Inner Integrity of each character which makes a good story. And it is the job of a good author, to make Inner Integrity visible in a clear and entertaining way.

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