Consulting via Skype

Where ever you are - you will be supported by me

Map of the worldHappens again and again that an intensive consulting talk literally pushes you forward. Once you know what to do and what to change in which way, it is much easier to start the required changes of your life and of your circumstances. And again and again the mental and emotional succour of a neutral consultant turns out to be a best backing you could have asked for.

This is why I am offering my consulting as well via Skype. This way you get the backing support and advice where ever you are. Please ask for your fixed date

via Email:
info (at)

via telephone:
landline: +49-221-4500841
mobile: +49-179-2293422

Your consulting takes place via Skype:


For your consulting via Skype I am expecting your payment in advance via PayPal.
The Price is 90,- Euros per hour.

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